Table of Caviar Types and Difference Between Caviar vs Roe and Preservation Methods

Table of caviar types and ranges of caviar – Beluga, Ossetra, Sterlet and Sevruga vs Roe.

The four main ranges of caviar are Beluga, Ossetra, Sterlet and Sevruga. They all have different appearances, textures and tastes. Sometimes fish roe is confused with caviar. Black, white and “red caviar” are often searched for by people who are looking to try caviar for the first time. This can be confusing because true caviar can be white, green, gold, red, grey and black. Roe is orange with tones of red, yellow and pink. When people use the term red caviar it is often used in reference to roe. Roe is also referred to as caviar. If you would like more details see our caviar glossary of terms. This can be confusing but there are differences between caviar vs roe.

Caviar vs Roe – What’s the Difference?

Caviar types are usually referred to as white, black or golden. Roe is usually one colour range so it isn’t categorized in the same way as caviar. There are differences in where the eggs come from when comparing caviar to roe. Caviar most commonly comes from Beluga, Ossetra, Sterlet and Sevruga. There are 15 other types of fish that produce caviar. Roe typically comes from salmon, trout and similar fish. People refer to salmon roe as salmon caviar, trout roe as trout caviar. They may not be true caviars. True caviar simply means the pickled roe of sturgeon or other large fish. Traditionally caviar comes from wild sturgeon in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. It is from the Acipenseridae family. Once caviar and roe are harvested the eggs are treated similarly.

How are Caviar and Roe Treated? – Preservation Methods

Both caviar and roe eggs are washed, brined and packed at near-freezing temperatures. This helps to preserve freshness and quality. Caviar can be aged to bring out the best flavours. Roe usually isn’t aged for as long. The eggs from both can be eaten fresh, with no bringing or ageing. Caviar and roe can range in size, flavour and texture. Both of them are considered a superfood. There are many nutritional benefits. Let’s get into the types of caviar that are available.

Table of Caviar Types by Location, Sustainability, Colour, Size, Appearance and Taste

Each type of caviar comes from a different location. Caviar is typically sustainable in modern times. Farming, as opposed to wild, helps ensure a steady supply. There are many different preservation methods. Caviar comes in many colours, sizes and textures. There is also a wide range of flavours and subtle aromas with each type of caviar. Here is our table of caviar info.

Table of Caviar Types, Country, Sustainability, Appearance and Taste
Caviar Name & Type Country & Location Sustainability Colour & Size Taste & Texture
Persian Beluga Sturgeon Iran – Caspian Sea Endangered Large, glistening, pea-sized eggs with faint gray-silver to black. Creamy-buttery flavour, with delicate, nutty undertones. Check out our guide to eating sturgeon caviar.
Giaveri Imperial Beluga (Huso Huso) Italy Farmed Large, brownish-grey eggs. Buttery, nutty, slightly ocean flavour.
Beluga Sturgeon Caviar (Huso Huso) “Italy Farmed Large eggs with a prominent, darkened spot (called the eye). Faint grey-silver to black, with purple undertones. Buttery, very-faint ocean taste.
Caviar Giaveri Beluga Siberian Italy Farmed Medium-large and steel-grey to black (with a purple undertone) colour. Mild, silky, buttery, oyster-mushroom qualities, with slight hints of earthiness.
Caviar Giaveri Osietra Classic Italy Farmed Medium (poppy-seed sized) with an intense nut-brown colour and grey undertones. A mild and aromatic nutty flavour.
Caviar Giaveri Sevruga Italy Farmed Small to medium size eggs, opaque black colour. Strong flavour with dark chocolate undertones.
Osetra Caviar Italy Sustainably farmed Moderately-sized eggs. Grey to grayish-green and brown eggs. Nutty, woodsy, flavour with a hint of brine
Northern Divine Organic Sturgeon Caviar BC, Canada Sustainably farmed Medium-sized, rich, shiny and firm eggs. Grey, olive-green, velvet chocolate colour. Mild, buttery, nutty, ocean flavour.
Karat Osetra Sturgeon Caviar Israel Sustainably farmed Medium-sized with light to dark brown, with olive-green hues colour Nutty fresh finish taste.
Siberian Sturgeon Caviar Italy Farmed Medium-large with black grey/black colour Lightly salted with ocean flavour.
Sevruga Sturgeon Caviar Italy Farmed Small-medium, slightly opaque black grains. Fresh salty taste.
Davinci Sturgeon Caviar Italy Sustainably farmed Medium size and black in colour. Mellow and fresh taste.
Giaveri Golden Sterlet Caviar Italy Farmed Medium size golden eggs. Buttery with a hint of seawater taste.
Lake St-Pierre Caviar Quebec, Canada Sustainably farmed Small to medium-sized, dark green-black eggs. Earthy and slightly salty, soft fresh flavour.
Golden Kaluga Caviar China Sustainably farmed The largest eggs from golden caviar. Aromatic with a mild flavour and a creamy, nutty (walnut) taste.
Premium Kaluga Caviar China Sustainably farmed Large for this type of egg. Metal grey to black in colour. Hints of olive and purple. Creamy, walnut-like flavour, with a slight oceanic touch.
River Beluga China Largest freshwater fish in the world Medium-large eggs. Steel-grey to black with undertones of purple and olive green. Buttery and nutty.
Classic Ossetra Sturgeon Caviar China Sustainably farmed Average-sized brownish, grey eggs. Mild and creamy, distinct nutty taste.
Rainbow Trout Caviar Denmark Sustainably farmed Medium size, orange eggs. Mild, fresh, fruity flavour, with a subtle anchovy-like taste.
Chum Salmon Caviar Canada Sustainably farmed Medium size, dark orange colour eggs. Slightly sweet, delicately salted flavour.
Lumpfish Caviar Iceland Sustainably farmed in Sweden Black eggs.> Crunchy, salty flavour with subtle spicy undertones.
Herring & Mullet Caviar Spain Farmed Small eggs with a black-onyx colour. Hints of the cocoa bean, sea urchin and mild salty taste.
Wild Golden Char Caviar Canada Sustainably farmed Large, firm, robust eggs that are yellow. A distinct nutty, creamy flavour.
Wild Golden Char Caviar Canada Sustainably farmed Medium size eggs with golden yellow colour. Hickory-smoky flavour with mild ocean undertones.
Farmed Steelhead Caviar Canada Sustainably farmed Medium-small eggs with a mandarin or orange colour. A semi-sweet, delicate flavour.
Beluga Sturgeon Caviar (Huso Huso) Europe (which countries) – Caspian Sea Banned in many countries & endangered Large eggs with a darkened spot. Faint grey-silver to black colour. Creamy-buttery flavour, with nutty undertones and a hint of ocean.
Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar China Sustainably farmed Bright gold. Subtle flavour good for caviar beginners and firm to the bite.
USA Sustainable from freshwater fish in North America Large eggs with golden brown to dark grey. Oily and briney flavour.
Osetra Caviar Russia Farmed Large amber to gold eggs. Mild, rich and nutty.
Siberian Sturgeon Caviar Siberia Farmed Medium size with deep mahogany to jet black colour. Briney and full of flavour.
Secruga Molossol Caviar Russia Farmed Small eggs with a dark slate-grey colour. Soft and very strong flavour of the sea.
Sterlet Sturgeon Caviar Eurasia> Farmed> Small eggs with brown, black and dark grey colours. Mildly fatty and oily.
Hackleback / Shovelnose Sturgeon Caviar USA Sustainable from the Missouri and Mississippi rivers Dark gray, almost black colour and a medium-sized pearl. A firm texture with a bold flavour.
Adriatic Sturgeon Caviar Spain Sustainably harvested Light grey and medium-sized eggs. Soft, lightly salted with a fine note of walnut.
Amur Caviar China Sustainable freshwater fish Mildly grainy. Dark olive to brownish in colour and medium-sized. Firm eggs and typically nutty.
Persian / Iranian Caviar Iran From natural waters from the Caspian Sea Deep steel to a light grey-white colour. Medium-sized eggs. Very nutty and creamy.
Kaluga Queen Caviar China – Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang Farmed Black and medium-sized eggs. Milder in salty undertones buttery.
Israeli Osetra Caviar Israel – Dan River in Kibbutz Dan Finest farm-raised Medium-sized pearls with a firm texture. Rich, buttery flavours and hints of fresh sea breeze.
Imperial Caviar Italy – Calvisano in Brescia Farmed Large, firm, plump eggs. A nutty burst of flavour and a creamy buttery texture.
Rova Caviar Madagascar> Farmed Black, medium-sized eggs. A creamy, buttery flavour.
T’lur Caviar Malaysia – Tanjung Malim in Perak Farmed Black or greyish, medium-sized eggs. Lightly briny with a rich umami flavour.
Bester Sturgeon Black Caviar Moldova – Transnistria Farmed Black and medium to large in size. Rich, creamy and nutty.
Organic Sturgeon Caviar & White Sturgeon Caviar> BC, Canada  in the Fraser River Farmed Medium-sized shiny grey eggs. A creamy, nutty flavour. Very rich with firm grains.
USA Sturgeon Caviar USA Farmed Medium-sized, brown, grey, and black eggs. Ocean water flavour.
Russian Sturgeon Caviar Russia Farmed

>Sturgeon fishing in the Caspian Sea is banned

Dense and meaty eggs. Heavy but not overwhelmingly salty.
Arabian / Abu Dhabi Sturgeon Caviar Saudi Arabia – Caviar Court in Dammam & Abu Dhabi Sustainable aqua-farming Medium-sized, brown, grey, and black eggs. Fresh salty flavour.
Spanish Sturgeon Caviar Spain – Loja Granada in Andalusia Ecologically farmed in natural conditions in Riofrio waters Medium size eggs. Grey and black in colour. Salty and nutty with a fresh taste.
UK Sturgeon Caviar United Kingdom (UK) Farmed Black or dark brown with large to medium size eggs. Buttery and salty.
Uruguayan Sturgeon Caviar Uruguay Farmed in the Black River Medium size eggs and grey, brownish and black colour A creamy and nutty flavour.
Uruguayan Osetra Caviar Uruguay Farmed Medium size eggs and grey-black in colour. Rich, buttery and nutty in taste.

Table of Caviar Types and Difference Between Caviar vs Roe.

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