Guide to Eating Sturgeon Caviar.

Caviar is an exquisite delicacy that is enjoyed in many parts of the world. It is considered to represent fine dining, wealth and sophistication. Caviar from Osetra and Sevruga are great alternatives to Sturgeon Beluga caviar, its pricy counterpart. We will share with you the best ways of eating and serving caviar.

The Basics


You may think what you eat sturgeon caviar with is unlikely to be of importance, but let us assure you, it most definitely is. It is said that metal can negatively alter the taste of caviar and in turn, ruin the experience. The materials to consume it with is with a bone, crystal or mother of pearl spoon. Purists prefer to eat it in small amounts (less than a tablespoon), straight with nothing else.

Flavours That Compliment

Sturgeon caviar is very fatty, salty and has a unique flavour. Bland flavours counteract it well; things like blinis (small buckwheat pancake) which are a classic way to enjoy it. Sour or acidic foods also cut through the salt of the caviar.

Drinks That Compliment

Traditionally, cold, straight vodka with a teaspoon of caviar is the traditional way to enjoy it (and the Russian way). Sparkling water is another great option if you are not an alcohol drinker, or if the caviar is Iranian. In addition, it is also enjoyed with chilled champagne or white wine.

Popular Ways of Eating Sturgeon Caviar


Blinis are small, buckwheat pancakes that are traditionally the Russian way of consuming caviar. They are bland and buttery, and compliment the strong, salty, dominating taste of roe. They are topped with sour cream or creme franche and a small amount of caviar.

Toast or Crackers

An alternative to the blini, the toast would be cut in little triangles (no crust) and topped with the caviar. Fresh parsley or chives are a popular garnish.


A refreshing way to serve caviar. Simply cut the cucumber into circles or diagonally-cut ovals and top with creme franche and caviar. Alternatively, you can also use a peeler to peel away thin slices of cucumber and roll them into a cylinder, topping with the aforementioned garnishes.

Smoked Salmon and Potato Skins

A more elaborate and flavourful way to serve up this rich delicacy is by hollowing out a boiled potato, leaving only the skin and a thin layer of potato. Then, fill with smoked salmon, creme franche and caviar.

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