Imported from the fish farms at Caviar Giaveri in Northern Italy; offering their first-class-quality caviar to the world for over four decades.  All of the sturgeon are from Russian origin. Caviar Giaveri sustainably raises their sturgeons using the most modern fish farming technologies. Following traditional methods, the caviar is harvested by hand, and manually packed to preserve freshness and flavour. All of Caviar Giaveri products are known the world over for their distinction in quality and superb flavour.

Caviar Giaveri Sevruga; (species Acipenser stellatus) from sturgeon matured for 6-7 years. Known as the “mother sturgeon” with small 2mm grains, the smallest eggs- given the shorter maturation period (compared to Osietra or Beluga) prior to harvesting. The small-medium, opaque grains are black in colour and lustrous.

Caviar Giaveri Sevruga has the strongest flavor of the three grades of caviar.   Its flavor profile consists of sharp, mid-intensity, biscuit-like, with a hint of dark chocolate undertones. At Caviar Giaveri only the traditional Russian “Malossol” method is used (less than 4% salt).  Exceptional on its own, serve with bread or blini- adding the usual garnishes crème fraiche, chives, capers, shallots & red onions. The dark grains stand out atop canapes and hors d’oeuvres and Sevruga pairs nicely with milder-tasting accompaniments: egg and potato dishes, as well when uses as a garnish with cream-based seafood dishes. A superb addition to grilled scallops or Halibut.

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Savor the Exquisite: Caviar Giaveri Sevruga

Experience the essence of distinction with Caviar Giaveri Sevruga, an embodiment of excellence nurtured in the heart of Northern Italy. Hailing from the revered fish farms of Caviar Giaveri, this delicacy showcases over four decades of commitment to first-class quality and impeccable flavor.

The Giaveri Heritage:

🐟  Legacy – Caviar Giaveri’s devotion to authenticity is reflected in its sturgeon. These sturgeons thrive under the embrace of sustainable modern fish farming, weaving a tale of heritage and innovation.

🌊 Craftsmanship in Every Grain – The caviar’s journey unfolds with a nod to tradition, harvested by skilled hands and meticulously packed to encapsulate freshness and flavor.

🏆 A World of Recognition – Caviar Giaveri’s products transcend borders, renowned for their unrivaled quality and flavor that resonates with epicures globally.

Unveiling Caviar Giaveri Sevruga:

🌟 Maturation Mastery – Caviar Giaveri Sevruga, derived from sturgeon (scientifically known as Acipenser stellatus) matured for 6-7 years, presents petite, 2mm grains, a testament to the unique “mother sturgeon” and its shorter maturation period compared to Osietra or Beluga.

🎨 Elegance in Every Detail – Immerse your senses in the splendor of Sevruga’s small-medium, lustrous black grains, capturing the essence of opulence with each bite.

🍽️ Flavor Symphony – Embark on a culinary journey that unveils Sevruga’s robust flavor profile – sharp, mid-intensity, biscuit-like, adorned with the subtlest hint of dark chocolate undertones.

🧂 Malossol Magic – The traditional Russian “Malossol” method is embraced, ensuring that the caviar’s essence is heightened with every delicate note, with salt levels maintained below 4%.

A Symphony of Pairings:

Allow Caviar Giaveri Sevruga to grace your table in myriad ways. Whether elegantly served with bread or blini, enhanced by crème fraiche, chives, capers, shallots, or red onions, or garnishing canapes and hors d’oeuvres, Sevruga’s dark grains make a statement of elegance and flavor. Pair it with milder accompaniments like egg and potato dishes, elevate cream-based seafood delights, or let it enhance grilled scallops or Halibut.

Experience the crescendo of flavor that is Caviar Giaveri Sevruga, a tapestry of heritage, craftsmanship, and epicurean excellence.