Black Lumpfish Roe, Iceland


Imported from Iceland, our Lumpfish Caviar (species Cyclopterus Lumpus) is one of our most versatile non-sturgeon caviar products. Due to its colour and taste, it’s an excellent alternative to some of the pricier roe varieties. Sustainably farmed in Iceland, lumpish grains (eggs) are firm, small-sized, shiny and dark. The grains are black with a crunchy, salty flavor with subtle spicy undertones. Like many non-sturgeon caviars, Lumpfish Caviar is high in protein and an excellent source of Omega 3-fatty acids.

Lumpfish Caviar is a perfect addition to any gourmet meal—use it as a delectable substitute in recipes calling for the more traditional caviars or roes. Enjoy it standalone with some crackers or bread. It also makes an excellent garnish- for egg dishes, pastas and tapas, and is perfect alongside sushi.

This product is pasteurized and has a minimum 6-month shelf life. The ideal temperature to store this product is +2c-+4c.

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A Dash of Distinction: Icelandic Lumpfish Caviar

Embark on a culinary adventure with Icelandic Lumpfish Caviar, an exquisite import that adds a touch of versatility and delight to your gourmet creations. Crafted from the esteemed Cyclopterus Lumpus, this caviar stands as a testament to sustainability, flavor, and culinary ingenuity.

The Icelandic Symphony:

🐟 An Icelandic Gem – Imported from Iceland, Lumpfish is a cherished delight that offers a flavorful and vibrant alternative to pricier roe varieties.

🌊 A Symphony of Sustainability – Sustainably farmed in the pristine waters of Iceland, Lumpfish Caviar embodies the essence of responsible sourcing and culinary innovation.

🏞️ A Taste of Texture – Delight in the firm, small-sized grains that grace caviar, each pearl a tribute to the natural beauty of the Icelandic waters.

Unveiling Lumpfish Caviar:

🌟 A Burst of Color – Embrace the dark hue that adorns each grain, infusing dishes with a touch of visual allure.

🎨 A Fusion of Flavors – Savor the crunchy, salty flavor enriched with subtle spicy undertones, a symphony of taste that lingers on the palate.

Culinary Ingenuity:

Lumpfish Caviar isn’t just a delicacy; it’s a canvas for culinary creativity. Elevate your gourmet creations as you explore their versatility, using them as a delectable substitute in recipes that call for traditional caviars or roes. Enjoy its standalone charm with crackers or bread, or use it as an exquisite garnish for egg dishes, pastas, tapas, and sushi.

Storage Wisdom:

Experience the longevity of caviar with its pasteurized form and minimum 6-month shelf life. Store it at the optimal temperature of +2°C to +4°C to ensure its exquisite flavor and texture.

Elevate your culinary experiences with Icelandic Lumpfish Caviar today. Let each pearl of flavor and vibrancy be a tribute to sustainability, versatility, and the art of gastronomy. Visit our Tasting Notes section for further culinary inspiration.