Herring & Mullet Caviar, Spain 50gr & 100gr


Imported from Spain, our Herring & Mullet Caviar (species Clupea harengus) is the definitive go-to for large parties and gatherings. The small, black-onyx colored, opaque, glistening grains (about the size of couscous) provide perfect contrast to any dish, and while the grains may be small, they are packed with flavor. The firm smooth eggs, separate on the tongue when eaten, but do not pop- adding another degree of sensation to the mouth when combined with more delicate canapes and hors d’oeuvres toppings (like smoked salmon, egg, bocconcini cheese, and potato.

Herring & Mullet Caviar has a flavor profile that is complex; with hints of cocoa bean, molasses and sea urchin combined with a slightly acidic, mild saltiness.

Enjoy it standalone with some crackers or mini blinis. It also makes an excellent garnish, especially paired with sushi.

This product is pasteurized and has a minimum 6-month shelf life. The ideal temperature to store this product is +2c-+4c. Please refer to our Tasting Notes section for further details.

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Spanish Delicacy: Herring & Mullet Caviar

Elevate your culinary gatherings with the tantalizing essence of Spanish Herring & Mullet Caviar, a distinguished import that adds flair and flavor to your festive occasions. Imported from Spain and hailing from the species Clupea harengus, this caviar embodies a fusion of taste, texture, and visual allure.

A Spanish Serenade:

🐟 Essence of Spain – Imported from the coastal waters of Spain, this caviar stands as a culinary gem that enhances the vibrancy of your gatherings.

🌊 Taste of Tradition – Crafted from the finest sources, this caviar encapsulates the authenticity of Spanish flavors and culinary heritage.

🏞️ Textured Symphony – Revel in the small, black-onyx grains that grace Herring & Mullet Caviar, each pearl a testament to the richness of the Spanish seas.

Unveiling the Herring & Mullet Caviar:

🌟 A Visual Marvel – Embrace the elegance of the onyx hue, creating a mesmerizing contrast that enhances every dish it touches.

🎨 A Culinary Overture – Savor the multifaceted flavor profile that offers notes of cocoa bean, molasses, and sea urchin, enveloped in a subtle acidic, mild saltiness.

Culinary Grandeur:

Herring Caviar isn’t just a delicacy; it’s an artistic expression that transforms your gatherings. Experience the satisfaction of the firm, smooth eggs that impart a unique mouthfeel, complementing delicate canapés and hors d’oeuvres toppings like smoked salmon, egg, bocconcini cheese, and potato.

Celebrate its standalone charm with crackers or mini blinis, or let it enhance your dishes as an exquisite garnish, particularly when paired with sushi.

Storage Mastery:

Savor the longevity of this caviar with its pasteurized form and minimum 6-month shelf life. Preserve its exceptional qualities by storing it at the ideal temperature of +2°C to +4°C.

Elevate your gatherings with the artistry of Spanish Herring & Mullet Caviar today. Let each delicate pearl be a testament to culinary finesse, visual allure, and the joy of coming together. Explore our Tasting Notes section for further culinary inspiration.