Calvisius Caviar Lingot


Imported from Northern Italy, Calvisius has produced caviar since 1977. Known for their traditional, artisanal methods, mixed with modern technology, Calvisius is renowned for some of the most authentic and fresh caviar on the market. The Calvisius Caviar Ingot is a caviar-based product inspired by the opulence typically attached to caviar- and the noble-people who historically consumed it- royalty and those lucky enough to be part of the royal circle. Combining technical innovation and classical epicurean edibles- Calvisius uses a special drying (dehydrating) technique to capture all of the wholesome flavours of their White Sturgeon caviar and press in into an ingot (gold brick). The result is a caviar product so versatile, gourmets use it on everything. 

The caviar is hard and firm. It can be easily shaved or thinly sliced using a grater; potato or cheese peeler- then added to all of your favourite recipes and dishes. 

Add some shaved Calvisius Caviar Ingot to anything that calls for a little extra bold flavour- egg dishes, pastas, risottos, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, seafood, soups and purees, or even grilled cheese and sandwiches. With a bold fresh taste, a little goes a long way; and the flavour blossoms with warm food.

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Introducing the Calvisius Caviar Lingot: Embark on a Culinary Journey to Italy’s Northern Delights

🍽️ Elevate Your Culinary Experience with Calvisius Caviar Lingot 🍽️

Experience the epitome of luxury and flavor with the Calvisius Caviar Lingot. Imported from the pristine waters of Northern Italy, Calvisius has been perfecting the art of caviar production since 1977. With an unparalleled commitment to tradition and a touch of modern innovation, Calvisius is celebrated for crafting some of the freshest and most authentic caviar available.

🐟 Tradition Meets Innovation: The Calvisius Legacy 🐟

Rooted in centuries-old methods and infused with contemporary technology, Calvisius strikes the perfect balance between heritage and innovation. The aviar Lingot is a testament to their mastery, taking inspiration from the opulence associated with caviar throughout history. From royalty to the elite circles, caviar has been a symbol of prestige, and now you can savor that essence with every bite.

🌟 Unveiling the Caviar Ingenuity 🌟

Witness culinary ingenuity at its finest as Calvisius unveils the Caviar Ingot. Crafted using an ingenious dehydrating technique, this exquisite caviar masterpiece captures the essence of their White Sturgeon caviar in the form of a gleaming ingot, reminiscent of a golden brick. The result? A versatile delicacy that gourmets worldwide have come to adore.

💎 Transform Your Dishes, Elevate Your Creations 💎

The firm, robust texture of the caviar lends itself to culinary creativity. Delicately shave or thinly slice the Calvisius Caviar Lingot using a grater, potato peeler, or cheese peeler, and watch as your dishes come to life. Whether you’re indulging in egg dishes, pastas, risottos, or velvety mashed potatoes, a touch of the Caviar Lingot imparts an unmistakable boldness that elevates every bite.

🍳 From Simplicity to Extravagance: Endless Possibilities 🍳

Unleash your inner culinary virtuoso by adding a touch of shaved Caviar Lingot to your favorite recipes. Elevate your breakfast by gracing scrambled eggs with a burst of exquisite flavor. Enhance the comfort of mac & cheese or elevate the elegance of seafood and soups. Even a simple grilled cheese sandwich becomes a gourmet delight with a sprinkling of this caviar gem.

💬 Experience the Symphony of Flavors 💬

Discover the enchanting melody of flavors as you savor the Calvisius Caviar Lingot. A little goes a long way, allowing you to savor each moment of indulgence. Watch as the delicate flavors unfold and blossom when paired with warm dishes, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

Indulge in the allure of Italy’s finest caviar tradition and modern innovation. Elevate your dining moments with the Calvisius Caviar Lingot – a true masterpiece that marries history, opulence, and exceptional taste. Your culinary journey starts here.