Fresh Burgundy Truffles (50gr, 100gr, 150gr, 200gr, 300gr)

End of Season


Burgundy truffles, Tuber uncinatum. These black truffles are the autumn variety of Tuber aestivum, or summer truffles. The only differences between the summer and autumn varieties are purely ecological, no microscopic differences exist. The delicate flavor of Burgundy truffles is best enjoyed raw, shaved thinly over pasta, risotto, egg or potato dishes. The flavor of Burgundy truffles does not hold up well to heat. Add a few shavings to a butter sauce before spooning it over steak or other meats. Store wrapped in a paper towel in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator; use within 3 to 4 days to ensure the best flavor.

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Experience the Delicacy of Fresh Burgundy Truffles

Introducing the exquisite Fresh Burgundy truffles, scientifically known as Tuber uncinatum. These captivating black truffles are the autumn iteration of the esteemed Tuber aestivum, also recognized as summer truffles. Unveiling the truth behind their essence, the differences between these two varieties are ecological rather than microscopic. Dive into the realm of Burgundy truffles and embrace their delicate flavor, best savored raw to indulge your senses.

🍄 An Autumn Treasure – Burgundy truffles, Tuber uncinatum, present the autumnal counterpart to the renowned Tuber aestivum. Unlike their microscopic similarity, these truffles thrive in a different ecological context. Nevertheless, their allure remains as tantalizing and unique as their summer kin.

🍝 A Delicate Symphony – The heart of Burgundy truffles lies in their delicate flavor, inviting connoisseurs to savor them raw. Thinly shave these truffles over dishes such as pasta, risotto, eggs, or potatoes to experience their enchanting essence. Their flavor blooms in its raw form, showcasing the truffles’ truest character.

🔥 Sensitivity to Heat – While Burgundy truffles delight in their raw state, their charm can be easily compromised by excessive heat. Thus, their flavor does not fare well with cooking. A few shavings can, however, be added to a butter sauce, lending a touch of luxury when drizzled over succulent steaks or other meats.

🧊 A Symphony of Preservation – To ensure you enjoy the finest flavor, wrap your Burgundy truffles in a paper towel and place them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Aim to relish their magic within 3 to 4 days, preserving their essence at its peak.

Embrace the singular experience of Fresh Burgundy Truffles, capturing the essence of autumn and presenting a culinary adventure for your senses. Delicate, raw, and remarkably enchanting, these truffles are a testament to the artistry of nature’s bounty.