Fresh Australian Black Winter Truffles (50gr, 100gr, 150gr, 200gr)

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Australian Black Winter truffle, Tuber melanosporum*, is identical to the most famous Black truffle, the Perigord truffle. Its given name is a mere reflection of its growing region. Available during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months, which coincides with the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months.

Sizes can range between 30 gram to 200 gram.

These are tuber melanosporum so they are black truffles with much strong aroma, flavor & color than the tuber aestivum (summer truffles)

Imperfections in appearance & shape are acceptable and normal including clean insect damage if the aroma is strong.

Intensely flavored; can be cooked briefly or low and slow; or shaved fresh as a finishing element or infused into sauces to add depth. The volatile compounds that release truffles’ distinct aroma are compromised when overcooked, but fats can capture and encapsulate those aromas.

Classic pairings are rich foods such as meat, cheese and eggs. They compliment lobster, caviar, foie gras, pasta, cream sauces, garlic, shallots, mascarpone, aged hard cheeses, citrus and herbs such as tarragon, basil and arugula.

Fresh Australian Black Winter truffles can be folded into butter to create a compound, which can be refrigerated for up to three months.

As truffles are a living fruiting body they need to breathe and sweat. They can lose up to 3% of their weight daily. Hence, they are best used quickly. Truffles will keep, when stored well for seven to ten days.

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Indulge in the Splendor of Australian Black Winter Truffles

Discover the culinary marvel that is the Australian Black Winter truffles, scientifically known as Tuber melanosporum*. This exquisite truffle variety mirrors the renowned Perigord truffle, renowned for its unparalleled flavor and aroma. While its name reflects its origin, the distinctively intense qualities of the Australian Black Winter truffle set it apart.

🍽️ A Culinary Treasure – Unveiled during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months, which coincide with the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, the Australian Black Winter truffle is a seasonal delight that captivates the senses. With sizes ranging from 30 to 200 grams, each truffle boasts unique imperfections that contribute to its natural charm.

🍄 Aroma and Flavor Excellence – Boasting the botanical name Tuber melanosporum, these black truffles offer a robust aroma, flavor, and color profile that distinguishes them from their Tuber aestivum counterparts (summer truffles). Imperfections, including occasional clean insect marks, are not only acceptable but often indicative of their authentic character, especially when the aroma is strong.

🍳 Culinary Versatility – The Australian Black Winter truffle is a culinary chameleon, capable of being briefly cooked or slow-cooked to unveil its distinct essence. Shave it fresh as a luxurious finishing touch or infuse its depth into sauces. Remember that truffle aromas are delicate and can be compromised with excessive heat, but fats can retain and encapsulate their magic.

🍴 Perfect Pairings – Classic pairings of Australian Black Winter truffles involve indulgent ingredients like meat, cheese, and eggs. They harmonize with lobster, caviar, foie gras, pasta, cream sauces, garlic, shallots, mascarpone, aged hard cheeses, citrus, and fragrant herbs like tarragon, basil, and arugula.

🧈 The Compound Magic – Transform your dishes by infusing the truffle’s essence into butter, creating a sublime compound that can be refrigerated for up to three months, ready to elevate your culinary creations.

🌬️ A Breath of Freshness – As living fruiting bodies, truffles require space to breathe and release their aromatic allure. While they may lose up to 3% of their weight daily, they deserve to be savored quickly to ensure their optimal impact. When stored well, these treasures maintain their splendor for seven to ten days.

Embark on a culinary adventure with Australian Black Winter truffles and relish their exceptional aroma, flavor, and versatility. Their essence will add a touch of luxury to your dishes, inviting you to savor the enchantment of this seasonal treasure.