Organic Canadian Caviar

Organic Canadian Caviar

Trying to find caviar in Calgary can be a challenge. Some people resort to going on forums to ask for places to go to find Russian food in general but especially caviar. The demand for caviar is still relatively high compared to the supply. But thanks to caviar farms like Target Marine Hatcheries, which produce Northern Divine caviar, caviar is more readily available than before.

Aquaculture or aquafarming has been on the rise as an alternative way to obtain caviar. The current ban in place in the Caspian Sea on sturgeons that produce caviar caused people to seek alternative methods.

The biggest problem for caviar farms, of course, is that it takes years before bearing eggs if you pardon the pun. Caviar farms need to wait until the fish sturgeons, in this case reach an age where they’re mature enough to lay eggs.

Sturgeons can take a decade or more before reaching maturity. In fact, it took eleven years for Target Marine Hatcheries to harvest their first batch of caviar from their white sturgeons. So a lot of patience is needed for this particular industry.

Northern Divine’s caviar is certified organic and they are the first completely organic white sturgeon farm in Canada.

Target Marine Hatcheries also use fresh water collected from the lakes and streams that go through their water recirculation systems and they produce caviar use Canadian salt.

The hatcheries started out with sturgeon eggs that they collected from Fraser River, where a population of white sturgeon already exists. The hatcheries worked with University of Vancouver Island, which donated some of the brood stock they had initially caught for educational purposes. Coincidentally, the largest white sturgeon ever caught was caught on the Fraser River.

Because it’s completely organic, the caviar that they produce doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and are therefore safer to eat. Travel + Leisure Magazine had even listed them on their list of Top 5 sustainable caviars in the World.

Target Marine Hatcheries is an example of how caviar farms are providing organic and sustainable forms of caviar for the market not only in Calgary or Canada but also for the rest of the world. If you’re located in Calgary and you wish to purchase Northern Divine caviar or any other types of caviar, you can go here.

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