Farmed Caviar

In the 20th century, sturgeon farms emerged in Canada, Europe, and the United States. The caviar produced from sturgeon raised in artificial conditions is just as excellent as caviar obtained from wild sturgeon. Both types possess the same beneficial properties and exceptional taste. Farming sturgeon actually contributes positively to the preservation of caviar’s status. It helps address the issue of overfishing by reducing the illegal caviar trade, as the market demand for wild sturgeon caviar diminishes. Moreover, farmed sturgeon thrive in carefully controlled environments that closely resemble their natural habitats. They reside in clean, filtered, and unpolluted waters, while also benefiting from optimal nutrition. Consequently, the roe obtained from these farm-raised fish is devoid of pollutants, pesticides, runoff, and other industrial contaminants commonly found in oceans and seas. At IHOC, the majority of the caviar we offer is sourced from farms. We have established long-term partnerships with sustainable and quality-assured farms, ensuring that we consistently deliver high-quality caviar to our customers’ doorsteps.

Choosing Caviar According To The Occasion

When you think of “caviar,” it evokes luxury and fine dining. IHOC offers a wide selection of caviar for any occasion, whether it’s a special event like a wedding or a casual meal with family and friends. Serving caviar showcases your refined taste, impresses guests, and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Caviar substitutes make this delicacy more accessible, sometimes making it challenging to distinguish them from the original in terms of taste and appearance.

To choose the right caviar for your occasion, it’s important to understand the available options. While most people are aware of the distinction between sturgeon and non-sturgeon caviar (black and red, respectively), there are numerous types of caviar and roe to consider. Exploring all the options will help you select the perfect one for your event.

Romantic Dinner

For an intimate and romantic evening, Osetra caviar is a splendid choice. Russian Osetra caviar, sourced from sturgeon, is renowned and highly sought after. It serves as an excellent alternative to the luxurious Beluga caviar, as it offers comparable taste while being more readily available. To accompany the Osetra caviar, consider pairing it with Chardonnay or Rosé, creating a harmonious combination. Your partner will surely appreciate the thought and effort you put into creating a memorable and romantic evening.

A Large Party

Elevate your family gatherings with the delightful addition of salmon roe. If you’re hosting a large family party, impress your guests with gourmet snacks and appetizers featuring this exquisite caviar. Salmon caviar is highly recommended by connoisseurs due to its creamy and buttery texture, which offers a gentle and enjoyable experience for even the most sensitive palates. Enhance the flavor by pairing it with a dollop of creme fraiche or a slab of butter on a slice of baguette or crispy bread. This delectable appetizer is guaranteed to become a favorite among all your guests.

Family Dinners

For momentous family gatherings, elevate the occasion with Siberian Sturgeon caviar. When you have important news to share over a special meal, IHOC recommends indulging your family members with the exquisite taste of Siberian Sturgeon caviar. This culinary delicacy will elevate your dinner party, emphasizing the significance of your event and creating lasting memories with your loved ones. The farm-raised Siberian Sturgeon caviar delights with its delicate texture and a remarkable buttery, nutty flavor, a testament to the carefully controlled conditions in which the fish are nurtured. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price of this exceptional product, making it a wonderful alternative to pricier options like Osetra and Kaluga caviar.

A Holiday Party

Elevate your memorable occasions, such as a festive Christmas dinner, with the exquisite touch of Kaluga caviar, also known as River Beluga caviar. With its creamy flavor profile, Kaluga caviar caters to a wide range of palates, making it an ideal choice even for those new to caviar. It is guaranteed to impress your friends and family during any celebratory gathering or dinner. Crafted from a hybrid of the Kaluga Sturgeon and the Amur Sturgeon, this caviar boasts large, lustrous eggs and a decadent, buttery taste.

A Fun Party

When it comes to birthday celebrations or gatherings with friends, Sterlet sturgeon caviar is the perfect selection. Your friends are bound to relish this high-quality alternative to Sterlet sturgeon caviar. With its reasonable price, soft and medium-sized eggs, and delightful nutty and earthy flavor, it is guaranteed to please all of your guests.

A Meal With Caviar Connoisseurs

Lastly, but certainly not to be overlooked, Sevruga Caviar is a must-serve for guests who are already connoisseurs of caviar. Recognized as one of the most exquisite caviars available, Sevruga caviar offers a distinctively sharp finish that is best appreciated by those with a refined palate for caviar. With its small, dark-gray eggs, Sevruga caviar delivers the most intense flavor among all caviar types. Once tasted, the vibrant taste of Sevruga caviar leaves an indelible impression. Our Sevruga caviar will add an extra touch of delight for your guests with our “farm-to-spoon” concept.