Organic Smoked Sturgeon, Product of British Columbia


Northern Divine is the only certified organic caviar in North America. It is a Fraser-river sturgeon (species Acipenser transmontanus), that is ethically, sustainably farm-raised in Sechelt, British Columbia. Northern Divine Sturgeon are Ocean Wise, Sea Choice, and CITES compliant, guaranteeing a 100% certified, sustainable product.

Proudly Canadian, the quality of the farm-raised sturgeon is superior. Raised in pristine groundwater, on certified organic feed without no added hormones, GMO, antibiotics, or pesticiides. 

The sturgeon is hand-filleted into thick pieces, dry-cured, and then smoked using a custom-blend of local hardwoods- allowing the harmonious blend of flavours to seep into the fish.

The canned, smoked sturgeon is pearly-white in colour with a golden finish. It has an opulent buttery texture, and delicately subtle, moist, enchanting taste that melts in your mouth. It is a healthy and simple way to enjoy fresh and flavourful dishes that are full of protein, and rich in Omega 3’s.

You can savour some on a blini or a sliver of toast; or it’s wonderfully paired with cheese, seafood, or a meat platter. It’s ideal for salads, pastas, casseroles, wraps, and crackers.

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Elevate Your Palate with Organic Smoked Sturgeon by Northern Divine 🐟

🌿 Experience the Pure Essence of Organic Delicacy 🌿

Indulge in a culinary masterpiece that embodies nature’s harmony – introducing Northern Divine’s Organic Smoked Sturgeon. As the sole certified organic caviar in North America, this delicacy is not just a treat for your taste buds, but a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

🌍 Where Sustainability and Flavor Converge 🌍

Originating from the majestic Fraser River, the Acipenser transmontanus sturgeon is the heart of Northern Divine’s organic caviar. Raised with unwavering ethical principles on the lush farms of Sechelt, British Columbia, this sturgeon stands as a beacon of sustainability. Committed to Ocean Wise, Sea Choice, and CITES compliance, Northern Divine ensures that every bite comes from a 100% certified sustainable source.

Crafted with Canadian Excellence

Proudly Canadian, Northern Divine thrives on producing sturgeon of unparalleled quality. These remarkable creatures are nurtured in crystal-clear groundwater, fed a meticulously crafted organic diet free from hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, and pesticides. The result is sturgeon that embodies the essence of purity and flavor.

🍴 A Symphony of Flavors, a Masterpiece of Texture – Organic Smoked Sturgeon 🍴

Immerse yourself in the delicate symphony of flavors that grace every bite of Northern Divine’s Organic Smoked Sturgeon. Each sturgeon is carefully filleted by hand, then lovingly dry-cured before being expertly smoked using a bespoke blend of local hardwoods. This meticulous process allows the rich, harmonious flavors to infuse the fish, creating a truly enchanting experience.

💎 A Gem of Opulence and Taste 💎

Behold the captivating visual allure of the canned, smoked sturgeon – pearly-white with a golden hue. Delight your senses as you experience the opulent, buttery texture that graces your palate. With a hint of subtlety and moistness that lingers, this treasure melts in your mouth, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary.

🍃 Nutritious Delights for a Wholesome You 🍃

Indulgence meets health as you savor Northern Divine’s Organic Smoked Sturgeon. Laden with protein and enriched with Omega-3s, this delicacy embodies both taste and well-being. Whether atop a blini or a sliver of toast, paired with cheeses, seafood, or a meat platter, this sturgeon lends its enchantment to salads, pastas, casseroles, wraps, and crackers.

Experience the symphony of flavors, the embodiment of sustainability, and the pinnacle of quality with Northern Divine’s Organic Smoked Sturgeon. Elevate your culinary endeavors with a touch of nature’s finest, curated for those who appreciate excellence and ethical indulgence.