The Premium Beluga Sturgeon Caviar.

Caviar was once reserved for only the royalty, royal elites, and nobility, though it was said that Louis XV did not enjoy it when he first tasted it and spat it out on the carpet at Versailles. Now it is a premium savory delicacy adored by those with the fine palate.

The premium Beluga sturgeon Caviar is the most sought after caviar by a global market, including Canadian consumers. The beluga sturgeon is the largest European fish with a long lifespan of more than 100 years. It is a late-maturing fish that can take up to 20 years to mature before producing eggs. The oldest known beluga sturgeon was 118 years old! Therefore the beluga caviar is considered a rarity. The fish also produce the larger eggs of other sturgeons.

Caviar is graded based on the color and size. The color of beluga sturgeon caviar range from pale to dark grey and yield grey oil. It will get lighter in its appearance as the beluga sturgeon gets older. The eggs receive a higher grading when their size is larger.

Contrary to caviars of a lower grade, beluga sturgeon caviar does not taste fishy. The taste of the premium caviar is subtle yet buttery rich, creamy with a slight citrusy flavor and an amazingly wonderful lingering oceanic aftertaste.

It is best to enjoy the premium beluga sturgeon caviar on its own with no condiments or toast. Glass or pearl spoon are recommended to be used instead of silver spoon as silver will give the premium savory delicacy a metallic taste. Pair the caviar with a glass of champagne or vodka on the rocks to create a beautiful symphony of flavors for your palate. The authentic beluga sturgeon caviar is available on our online store which features the most extensive selection of caviar in Canada.

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