Serving Caviar in Toronto Restaurant

Serving Caviar in Toronto Restaurant

While we’ve given you caviar serving and storage tips that make serving your own caviar nice and simple and we have an online store that can deliver it right to your doorstep, sometimes, you just want to let a professional handle it for you. Luckily, we’re going to start shining our expert spotlights on restaurants serving caviar  Toronto is the first destination on the list!

There are actually quite a few restaurants that serve caviar in Toronto, but caviar’s definition is pretty loosely used. For example, a quick Google search for caviar might reveal several Japanese restaurants serving flying fish caviar, aka tobiko, a common sushi topping.

With this in mind, here are several restaurants that properly serve caviar in Toronto in a creative way that just may inspire you!


Located in downtown Toronto, Harbour Sixty Steakhouse is a luxurious heaven for steak and seafood lovers. However, one particular treat is their beluga caviar served with blinis, toast points, egg yolks, egg whites, sour cream & chives. Pictured is their serving presentation of the caviar itself. You can tell that the restaurant takes great care in preserving the caviar for serving by keeping it chilled on ice in a special stand. Caviar spoils easily so even while serving, you would want to keep it ice cold!



Opened in 1992 by brothers Tony and Mario Amaro, this restaurant boasts fabulous continental cuisine along with one of Toronto widest selection of wines to complement your meal. While you can order from a selection of caviar separately, one of their fame appetizers is their sea scallop and duck egg with sorrel and sustainable black caviar. While this may not be served traditionally on ice, the way the ingredients melt together is a treat you can’t taste anywhere else!



You don’t always have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy caviar Toronto has an amazing bar that serves caviar perfectly! As mentioned in our serving guide, one of the best beverages to pair with caviar is frozen vodka. Well, Pravda has one of the widest selection of Vodka from all over the world from classic old world Russia and Poland to new world Iceland and Sweden! Besides being able to pair your caviar with a wonderful compliment drink, they also serve their caviar neatly on a carved ice block to maintain temperature. Complete with shallots, quail egg, blini & creme franche for your enjoyment, Pravda Vodka is a great place to enjoying this lovely delicacy!


Hopefully this article has either inspired your next caviar project or given you’re a new place to try the next time you are in the Toronto area. Feel free to visit our website for more caviar information or caviar recipes!

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