Torta del Casar Cheese

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Torta del Casar DOP (PDO) is an exquisite Spanish cheese crafted from raw sheep’s milk in the Extremadura region, which is situated near the Portuguese border. Its name is derived from Casar de Cáceres, the city where it originated. The shepherds who created this cheese used to affectionately refer to it as ‘atortao’ due to its cake-like or ‘torta’ shape.


To fully appreciate its flavors, serve the cheese at room temperature. For optimal storage, it is recommended to keep it in its vacuum pack in the refrigerator, as it maintains a cool and stable temperature. Once opened, wrap the cheese in plastic wrap and store it in the fridge.


This cheese is a true delight when savored on its own, accompanied by a few pieces of Obando Gourmet Rustic Picos.

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Indulge in Tradition – Torta del Casar Cheese

Savor the rich heritage of Spanish culinary artistry with Torta del Casar Cheese, a masterpiece meticulously crafted from raw sheep’s milk in the Extremadura region, nestled near the Portuguese border.

An Ode to Origin

Embracing its roots, this cheese bears the esteemed Denomination of Protected Origin (PDO), a symbol of authenticity and excellence. Born in the city of Casar de Cáceres, its name resonates with history and tradition.

A Shape Born of Love

Endearingly known as ‘atortao,’ this cheese’s name is a nod to its distinct cake-like or ‘torta’ shape. Shepherds who nurtured this cheese created a masterpiece with both heart and skill, giving rise to a true culinary gem.

Storage & Care

Unlock the full spectrum of flavors by serving the cheese at room temperature. Optimal storage lies in its vacuum pack, residing within the refrigerator to maintain a cool and consistent temperature. Once unwrapped, secure its freshness by cocooning it in plastic wrap before returning it to the fridge.

Taste Tradition Unveiled

Embrace the essence of this cheese in all its glory, relishing it in its purest form. For an elevated experience, pair it with a few pieces of Obando Gourmet Rustic Picos, letting flavors intertwine for a harmonious delight.

Elevate your culinary journey with the Torta del Casar Cheese, a testament to the devotion and mastery that defines Spanish gastronomy. Unveil the story it tells with each sumptuous bite.