Premium Charcoal-Grilled Sardine Loins


Asturian or Rias Baixas Sardine Loins in Charcoal-Grilled Elegance

Indulge in the finest sardine loins carefully selected from the coasts of Asturias or Rias Baixas, depending on the season. Meticulously hand-cut, these delicate loins are skillfully grilled over holm oak wood, capturing the essence of a traditional charcoal-fired process. Preserved in the renowned “Arbequina Torre Canena” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, known for its exceptional smoothness and top-tier quality that perfectly complements the flavors of the sardines.


Store these culinary treasures in a cool and dry place. Once opened, ensure refrigeration for optimum freshness.


These delectable sardine loins are incredibly versatile, enhancing a wide array of dishes or providing a delightful addition to your own culinary creations. For a tantalizing experience, savor the “Mar y Monte” toast, a culinary masterpiece you can explore in our exclusive Jamoneria Bar and Tasting Room.


Hand-selected sardine loins, extra virgin olive oil, and a touch of salt.


Net weight: 150g (5.29oz)

Drained net weight: 105g (3.7oz)

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Unveiling Charcoal-Grilled Sardine Loins

Embark on a culinary journey with our Charcoal Grilled Sardine Loins, a symphony of flavors crafted from the coasts of Asturias or Rias Baixas, depending on the season. Each delicate loin is meticulously hand-cut, embracing the artistry of tradition and the charm of modern refinement.

Expertly Grilled Over Holm Oak Wood

Immerse yourself in the essence of a charcoal-fired process as our sardine loins are skillfully grilled over holm oak wood. This artisanal technique infuses the loins with a mesmerizing smokiness, celebrating the heritage of authentic grilling.

Preserved in Elegance

Capturing the allure of time-honored flavors, our sardine loins are preserved in the renowned “Arbequina Torre Canena” Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This exquisite oil enhances the sardines’ innate qualities, presenting a harmonious marriage of smoothness and indulgence.

A Versatile Gourmet Delight

Elevate your culinary creations with these delectable sardine loins. Enhancing a spectrum of dishes, they bring a touch of sophistication to your gastronomic adventures. Additionally, our exclusive Jamoneria Bar and Tasting Room presents the tantalizing “Mar y Monte” toast, inviting you to a culinary masterpiece.

Storage and Serving

Treasure these culinary gems by storing them in a cool, dry place. To preserve their optimum freshness, refrigeration is recommended once opened.

Ingredients that Matter

Crafted with care, our sardine loins feature hand-selected sardines, accompanied by the richness of extra virgin olive oil and a delicate touch of salt.

Culinary Dimensions

Each package holds a net weight of 150g (5.29oz), offering an exploration of flavors. The drained net weight of 105g (3.7oz) captures the essence of these exceptional sardine loins.

Elevate your dining experience with our Charcoal Grilled Sardine Loins—a fusion of tradition and innovation that promises a journey of tastes and textures. Delight in the artistry of flavors, handpicked from the coastal beauty of Asturias or Rias Baixas.