Organic Sencha (classic green tea) loose leaf, 50gr, Japan


Traditional Organic loose-leaf Green Tea is grown in the foothills around Mount Fuji in Japan. The higher elevation provides optimal growing conditions for the tea leaves; and the clean, crisp mountain water saturates the plants with an abundance of minerals, a tradition strictly followed for several decades. Summer-harvested, Organic Sencha has a clean, refreshing taste- perfect for everyday drinking, or savored on a special occasion. Organic Sencha also contains catechin- a natural antioxidant that helps prevent cell degradation. Packaged in a stylish tin, it is a tea lover’s delight.

Item dimensions: 3 x 7 x 3 in
Item weight: 5 oz
Certifications: Certified Organic – USDA

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🍵 Embrace the Elegance of Organic Sencha Green Tea 🍵

🌱 Discover the Essence of Tradition and Purity 🌱

Transport your senses to the serene foothills surrounding Mount Fuji in Japan, where time-honored traditions converge with nature’s bounty. Experience the authentic allure of Traditional Organic Sencha Green Tea, a symphony of flavors nurtured by the pristine mountain environment and centuries-old expertise.

🏔️ Elevated Growth, Enriched Flavor 🏔️

Cradled by the higher elevations near Mount Fuji, our Organic Sencha Green Tea thrives in the perfect haven for tea cultivation. The clean, crisp mountain waters caress the tea leaves, bestowing them with a plethora of essential minerals. This age-old practice is a testament to our commitment to quality, upheld for generations.

☀️ Capturing Summer’s Refreshing Essence ☀️

Savor the essence of summer in every sip with our Summer-harvested Organic Green Tea. Its clean and refreshing taste is an invitation to daily indulgence or to elevate a special occasion. Each cup is an embodiment of tranquility and a celebration of nature’s gifts.

🌿 Your Ally in Wellness: Antioxidant-Rich Delight 🌿

Organic Sencha not only delights the palate but also nurtures your well-being. Enriched with catechins, a natural antioxidant, this tea becomes a gentle guardian against cell degradation. With each sip, you embrace a healthier, more vibrant you.

🎁 A Tin of Timeless Elegance 🎁

Encased in a stylish tin, Green Tea becomes a treasure for tea aficionados. The meticulously designed packaging preserves the tea’s freshness while adding a touch of sophistication to your tea collection.

📐 Dimensions and Certifications 📐

Item dimensions: 3 x 7 x 3 inches

Item weight: 5 ounces

Certifications: Certified Organic – USDA

Embrace the legacy of Organic Sencha Green Tea. Let its flavors transport you to the heart of Japan’s mountains, where tradition and purity intertwine. Elevate your tea ritual with each sip, celebrating nature’s bounty in every cup.