Organic Genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice) loose leaf, 50gr, Japan


Organic Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese green tea that is roasted with brown rice (genmai) to bring forth a balanced, nutty, almost popcorn-esque flavor. This earthy tea is robust and bright, the matcha providing depth and color. Genmaicha is soul soothing and low in caffeine- making it the ideal tea to enjoy all day long. Each cup is loaded with remarkable health benefits including: helps lower blood sugar; lowers the risk of heart disease; it is calming and relaxing and helps with concentration. Green tea lovers the world over agree- and Organic Genmaicha is becoming the new favorite. Packaged in a stylishly designed tin to preserve freshness.

Item dimensions: 3 x 7 x 3 in
Item weight: 5 oz
Certifications: Certified Organic – USDA

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🍵 Embark on a Journey of Flavor with Organic Genmaicha Green Tea 🍵

🌾 Discover the Quintessential Japanese Delight 🌾

Unveil the essence of Japan’s rich tea heritage with Organic Genmaicha. A symphony of tradition and innovation, this remarkable green tea is roasted with brown rice (genmai), imparting a balanced, nutty, and even popcorn-like flavor that captures the spirit of the Orient.

🔥 A Toast to Earthy Robustness 🔥

Organic Genmaicha dances on the palate with its robust, earthy notes, an embodiment of time-honored culinary practices. The infusion of matcha deepens the complexity and adds a vibrant hue to the brew, a true testament to the artistry of tea-making.

🌱 A Soul-Soothing Elixir, A Day-Long Companion 🌱

Let the tranquility of Organic Genmaicha envelop you in a cocoon of calmness. With low caffeine content, it’s the perfect companion for those seeking solace throughout the day. Whether you’re delving into work or unwinding in the evening, this tea’s gentle embrace keeps you centered.

💚 Elevate Your Well-Being with Organic Genmaicha 💚

Indulge in more than just flavor. Each cup of Organic Genmaicha is a cup of well-being. Packed with health benefits, it’s a secret elixir that supports your journey to vitality. From aiding in lowering blood sugar to reducing the risk of heart disease, this tea becomes a delightful ritual with every sip.

🌟 The New Favorite Among Green Tea Connoisseurs 🌟

Witness the world coming together in unanimous appreciation for Genmaicha. As its unique flavor profile and health benefits unfold, it’s rapidly becoming the favored choice for green tea enthusiasts worldwide.

🎁 Elevate Your Tea Experience with Exquisite Packaging 🎁

Experience the charm of Organic Genmaicha in a stylishly designed tin that preserves its freshness and integrity. With each unveiling, the tin becomes a gateway to Japan’s tea legacy, an invitation to explore a world of flavor.

📐 Dimensions and Certifications 📐

Item dimensions: 3 x 7 x 3 inches

Item weight: 5 ounces

Certifications: Certified Organic – USDA

Allow the symphony of flavor and well-being to unfold in each cup of Organic Genmaicha Green Tea. From its nutty richness to its calming embrace, this tea transcends the ordinary, celebrating tradition, innovation, and the essence of Japan.