Mahon Cheese


Named after the port of Mahon on the Spanish island of Minorca, Mahon cheese is a cow’s milk cheese crafted by various dairies. This cheese exhibits a range from soft to hard, offering a delightful combination of buttery, sharp, and salty flavors. Its distinctive shape is rectangular or square with rounded edges, accompanied by a natural yellowish rind.

Mahon cheese is truly unique, boasting a sweet and fruity aroma that entices the senses, while its flavor is rich and bold. It is not intended for those who prefer milder cheeses, as Mahon is known for its pronounced taste.


To maintain its freshness, store Mahon cheese in the refrigerator while still in its vacuum-sealed package. Once opened, wrap it in plastic wrap and continue storing it in the fridge.


For optimal enjoyment, serve Mahon cheese at room temperature.

Due to its versatility, Mahon cheese can be grated over pasta, rice, or vegetables, adding a delightful touch to your dishes. It also makes for a delightful appetizer when accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil.


Mahon cheese is crafted from raw cow’s milk, employing rennet, salt, cheese cultures, a firming agent (calcium chloride), and a preservative (potassium nitrate). Please note that oil is applied over the rind, and the rind itself is not intended for consumption.

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Essence of the Mediterranean – Mahon Cheese

Embark on a sensory voyage with Mahon Cheese, a tribute to the iconic port of Mahon on the Spanish island of Minorca.

A Flavor Spectrum

Crafted by various dairies, Mahon cheese traverses a spectrum from soft to hard, capturing the essence of buttery indulgence, a dash of sharpness, and a hint of saltiness. Its signature appearance showcases a rectangular or square shape with gently rounded edges, crowned by a natural yellowish rind.

Unique Aroma, Bold Flavor

This cheese is a testament to distinctiveness. An inviting sweet and fruity aroma tantalizes the senses, leading to a taste experience that is rich and robust. It’s a creation not meant for those seeking milder flavors; Mahon stands proud with its pronounced taste.

Storage & Care

Preserve the essence of Mahon cheese by storing it in its vacuum-sealed packaging within the refrigerator. Once unsealed, envelop it in plastic wrap and continue its storage journey in the fridge.

Elevate Your Culinary Palette

To fully indulge in Mahon cheese’s grandeur, serve it at room temperature, allowing its flavors to come alive.

Culinary Versatility

Grate Mahon cheese over pasta, rice, or vegetables to infuse your dishes with its distinctive character. Elevate your appetizers by drizzling Mahon with olive oil for a delightful prelude to culinary excellence.

Crafted Symphony

Crafted from raw cow’s milk, this cheese is a blend of rennet, salt, cheese cultures, a firming agent (calcium chloride), and the preservative potassium nitrate. Its rind is touched by the embrace of oil, though it’s important to remember that the rind itself isn’t intended for consumption.

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean allure of Mahon Cheese, a journey of flavors that echoes the essence of Minorca’s cherished port.