ANTONIO ROMERO Freshly sliced “Lomo de Bellota” Ibérico Acorn-fed Pork Loin 80g


Antonio’s extensive experience in introducing premium Spanish products to Canada through ARC Iberico Imports has inspired him to create a brand that embodies his personal journey through Spain’s diverse culinary treasures. Each product undergoes Antonio’s meticulous tasting and selection, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. Crafted with the same care as our renowned Ibérico hams, our range of cured Iberian pork specialties offers a rich array of intense flavors. After a natural six-month curing process, the result is a unique and unparalleled flavor profile, with each piece offering a sublime culinary experience characterized by softness and elegance.

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Discover the Excellence of Lomo Bellota Iberico: Antonio’s Culinary Journey

Embark on a culinary adventure with Antonio, the visionary behind ARC Iberico Imports, as he introduces you to the world of Lomo Bellota Iberico. Antonio’s passion for Spain’s culinary treasures has driven him to create a brand that represents excellence and authenticity. Each product, meticulously curated by Antonio, reflects his commitment to delivering the finest Spanish offerings to your table.

Exquisite Cured Loin

Our range of cured Iberian pork specialties rivals our celebrated Ibérico hams in meticulous craftsmanship. We blend tradition with innovation and use natural raw materials to create a palette of intense flavors in our cured Lomo Bellota.

A Six-Month Culinary Symphony

Our sausage undergoes a natural six-month curing process, resulting in a unique and unparalleled flavor profile. Each piece offers a sublime culinary experience, characterized by softness and elegance.

Storage & Care

Maintain freshness by storing the product in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigeration is recommended.

Savoring the Experience

To fully appreciate the flavors, open the package 30 minutes before consumption. Share this delicacy with friends and loved ones.

Versatile Serving Suggestions

Our cured Lomo Bellota Iberico is perfect for dinner parties or gatherings, thanks to its portability and ease of enjoyment. Savor it alone or pair it with bread and Spanish cheese. Get creative and craft a delicious Bocadillo, just like at our Jamoneria Bar and Tasting Room.

Gluten-Free Ingredients

Rest assured, our Lomo Bellota Iberico is gluten-free, crafted with 100% Iberian breed pork loin, salt, paprika, dextrose, sugar, spices, preservatives (E-250 and E-252), and antioxidant (E-301).

Ready for Your Enjoyment

Indulge in an 80g vacuum pack of freshly sliced Lomo Bellota Iberico, expertly prepared and ready to be savored. Join us on Antonio’s culinary journey, and savor the excellence of Spain’s culinary treasures.