Iberico Cheese


Queso Ibérico, a Spanish cheese, is crafted from a blend of cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk, resulting in a distinctively piquant flavor that ranges from nutty to fruity. Its indulgent texture is rich and buttery.


For optimal enjoyment, serve Queso Ibérico at room temperature.

To maintain its freshness, it is recommended to store the cheese in its vacuum pack within the refrigerator, benefiting from the consistently cold and stable temperature. Once opened, wrapping it in plastic wrap and storing it in the fridge will help preserve its quality.


The intense flavor and crumbly texture of Queso Ibérico make it an excellent choice for a table cheese. It pairs exceptionally well with Spanish olives, sun-dried tomatoes, crispy gourmet bread thins, and complements robust red wine or dry sherry.


Ibérico cheese is a pressed paste cheese crafted from a combination of three types of milk: cow, sheep, and goat.

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Fusion of Flavors – Iberico Cheese

Embark on a palate-enchanting journey with Iberico Cheese, a Spanish cheese that harmoniously blends the essence of cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk, resulting in a symphony of flavors that range from nutty to fruity, all enclosed within a rich and buttery texture.

Flavorful Tapestry

Crafted with meticulous expertise, Queso Ibérico unveils a unique and piquant taste that captivates. Its flavor profile dances between nutty and fruity, offering a sensory experience that’s nothing short of exceptional.

Texture Delight

Indulgence takes on a new form with Iberico Cheese’s lavish texture. The cheese’s rich and buttery essence unfolds with every bite, leaving a trail of culinary elegance.

Storage & Care

Elevate your enjoyment by serving Queso Ibérico at room temperature.

Preservation Artistry

To ensure its freshness, envelop the cheese within its vacuum pack and place it in the refrigerator. The consistently cold and stable temperature preserves its magnificence. Once the seal is broken, wrap the cheese in plastic wrap before returning it to the fridge.

Unveiling Taste

Iberico Cheese’s intense flavor and crumbly texture position it as the quintessential table cheese. Pair it with Spanish olives and sun-dried tomatoes, or elevate your experience with crispy gourmet bread thins. Allow its character to flourish alongside a robust red wine or dry sherry.

Crafted Symphony

Iberico cheese is the culmination of a pressed paste, meticulously crafted from a trifecta of milk: cow, sheep, and goat.

Immerse yourself in the world of flavors with Queso Ibérico, a fusion of milk varieties that paints your palate with the finest Spanish essence.