Happy Mothers Day


In gardens of love, where kindness does bloom, On a day in May, dispelling all gloom, There stands a figure, so gentle and grand, A mother’s love, vast as the land.
Her hands, though worn, with grace they move, Weaving through life, a tapestry of love. Eyes that sparkle, with wisdom and light, Guiding us through, the darkest of night.
Her laughter, a melody, so sweet and clear, A beacon of joy, for those she holds dear. In her embrace, the world feels right, A haven of peace, in the harshest of plight.
She teaches and nurtures, with patience so rare, A touch that heals, all wear and tear. Her strength, unspoken, but deeply felt, In her presence, the coldest hearts melt.
So on this day, we pause and we say, “Thank you, dear Mother, for lighting our way. For the sacrifices made and the love you’ve shown, You’ve planted the seeds of love that have grown.”

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