CBF Persian Sturgeon Beluga Caviar, Huso Huso


Elevate your culinary journey with CBF Persian Beluga Caviar, a true delicacy harvested from the Caspian Sea. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and tradition, where every bite is a testament to unparalleled taste. Our Beluga Caviar captivates the senses with its silky texture and a flavor profile that marries creaminess with subtle hints of the sea and nutty undertones. Each pearl is a revelation, offering a culinary experience like no other.

Trusted by renowned chefs worldwide, CBF Persian Beluga Caviar is the secret behind extraordinary gastronomic creations. Elevate your culinary prowess and create memorable dishes with this culinary icon.

Share the gift of exceptional taste and refinement with your loved ones. Persian Beluga Caviar is the ultimate expression of appreciation and sophistication.

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