White loin, black loin, belly, mormo, and morrillo of wild red tuna from almadraba.

Braised with holm oak and canned in Arbequina extra virgin olive oil from Torre de Canena.

The chargrilled conserves from Güeyu Mar are some of the most premium and exclusive products available in Spain. From the grill to the tin, a completely homemade gourmet experience is created. Conservas Güeyu Mar’s canned products are created solely to satisfy the palates of those who are constantly seeking out new and innovative gastronomic experiences.


Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated.


There are an infinite number of ways to eat this delicious product, for example in salad and in salads, it goes well with piquillo peppers, tomato, roasted vegetables, lettuce hearts, avocado, or with mayonnaise to make a sandwich or a snack, as well as served as a filling for croquettes.


Albacore tuna loin, extra virgin olive oil, and salt.


Net weight 150g can.

Drained weight 105g.

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Savor the Splendor: Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil

A Flavor Symphony

Indulge in the extraordinary—a symphony of flavors brought to you by Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil. Crafted from the choicest cuts of wild red tuna from almadraba, including white loin, black loin, belly, mormo, and morrillo, this exquisite delicacy promises a gourmet experience like no other.

Craftsmanship and Excellence

Every step of creation is a testament to craftsmanship and excellence. These premium cuts of tuna are expertly braised with holm oak, infusing them with a delightful smokiness. They are then carefully canned in Arbequina extra virgin olive oil from Torre de Canena, further enhancing their richness and depth of flavor.

Gourmet Beyond Compare

Prepare to be transported to the heights of gourmet delight. Güeyu Mar’s chargrilled conserves are renowned for their premium quality, representing the epitome of Spanish culinary excellence. The transition from grill to tin preserves the intricate flavors, ensuring that each can is a masterpiece of taste.

Preserving Perfection of Albacore Tuna

To preserve the perfection within, store your Tuna in Olive Oil in a cool and dry place. Once the can is opened, refrigeration will maintain its exceptional flavors, allowing you to savor the experience over time.

Endless Culinary Possibilities

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen with Tuna in Olive Oil. Its versatility knows no bounds—add it to salads for a burst of flavor alongside piquillo peppers, tomatoes, and roasted vegetables. Elevate your sandwiches with its exquisite taste, or transform it into delectable croquette fillings.

Pure Ingredients, Exquisite Taste

Experience the true essence of culinary excellence with each bite. This delicacy features the pure essence of albacore tuna, perfectly complemented by the richness of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and a touch of salt.

Elevate Your Culinary Adventure

From salads to snacks, Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil elevates every dish into a culinary adventure. Discover the enchanting combination of flavors that only Güeyu Mar can offer. Immerse yourself in a world of taste, sophistication, and pure enjoyment.