Prestigious Italian Da Vinci Sturgeon Caviar.

The prestigious Italian Da Vinci Sturgeon Caviar is enjoyed by caviar connoisseurs around the world, including Vancouver and other parts of Canada. Italy is one of the world’s genuine and original sources of sturgeon. The preparation of caviar has deep roots in Italy and has always been considered a true delicacy and it was once reserved for only the royalty, royal elites, and nobility. There was a story that Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci gave the Milanese Duchess Beatrice Este a sturgeon’s egg in a box encrusted with precious stones.

The first experimental sturgeon farming in Italy began in 1977 with some Italian sturgeon caught in the Po basin and kept in captivity. Sturgeon farming started in Italy towards the middle of the 1980s for commercial farming purposes. Da Vinci Sturgeon Caviar comes from Adriatic sturgeon which is also known as Acipenser Naccari. It is a species of fish in the Acipenseridae family, found in the Adriatic Sea and its tributaries between the Po River in Italy and the Buna River in Albania. It requires about ten years for the Adriatic sturgeon to mature before producing eggs.

The Italian caviar is medium in size and the color of range from brown to black. It has a smooth consistency with buttery rich, creamy and intensely fresh flavor with a lingering oceanic aftertaste.

It is essential to ensure proper storage of caviar and they should be kept in low temperatures between -2° and +2° Celsius in the fridge and never stored in the freezer compartment.  When taken out of storage, caviar needs to be served immediately. Glass or pearl spoon are recommended to be used instead of a silver spoon as silver will give the premium savory delicacy a metallic taste.

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