Highly Desirable Paddlefish Caviar.

Paddlefish Caviar is highly desirable and consists of roe from the American paddlefish, commonly called spoonbills, is also known as polyodon spathula. It is a primitive fish from the Polyodontida family.

The reproduction of the primitive fish species in America was expanded to other regions in 1970. Hatched larvae from Missouri hatcheries in the United States were exported to Europe and reproduction was successful in 1988 and 1989 which resulted in the exportation of juveniles to Romania and Hungary. Polyodon spathula are now being raised in Austria, the Plovdiv and Vidin regions in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Ukraine. Harvest of the American paddlefish is restricted and controlled by local authorities in America. The 2015 paddlefish harvest target for this population in the Upper Missouri River is 500 fish.

In 2007, Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission launched a pilot project where the states Wildlife Department will harvest the eggs of paddlefish that are caught by anglers on Grand Lake. They will handle the processing of the paddlefish eggs into caviar. The highly desirable paddlefish caviar will then be sold to wholesalers. It is estimated that an annual revenue of $200,000 was generated from the sales and it will take about three years for the local authorities to recoup the initial start-up costs.

Paddlefish caviar has been rated by some as the second-best caviar in the world, behind only beluga caviar. The caviar is small and shiny in appearance. It is known to have just as delightful of a taste and it can vary in color from black to deep grey.

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