Sturgeon as an endangered species

Sturgeon, which comprise some 25 species of fish, are one of the oldest families of fishes in existence. They are valued, around the world for their precious roe; and nearly 85% of sturgeon are at risk of extinction, making them the most threatened group of animals on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. The latest […]

Caviar Nutrition Facts

Like most foods, caviar when eaten in moderation, has a long list of benefits: Caviar is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus.  It contains an array of vitamins B2, B6, B12, C and it is a rich source of Vitamins A and D.  It contains the essential amino acids, arginine, histidine, lysine, isoleucine, […]

Tips on shopping for and selecting the right Caviar

  While shopping for your party, purchase the caviar last so that it doesn’t sit in a hot car all day while you are completing other shopping errands. Bring along a container of ice, or request one from the merchant- to keep the caviar chilled during the transport home. At the store, ask to have […]

The tricks of the trade to buying caviar.

If you are thinking about serving caviar at your next party, there a few things you should know before you make a purchase to ensure you are getting the best-quality caviar for the money you spend. Here is what you should be asking, prior to your purchase: What type of caviar should I buy? How […]

Tips on how to serve and store Caviar

Caviar has been enjoyed all throughout history. The ancient Persians heavily salted their caviar in order to preserve the eggs, and it wasn’t until it became popular in Russia, that a lightly-salted version became the custom. The trade off to less salting was that the caviar didn’t keep very long, and so the tradition of […]

Caviar Glossary of Terms

The following list represents a list of terms to help you better understand the world of caviar.  Acipenseridae: In biology, the Family that includes 26 species of fish, including the sturgeon. American Black Caviar: Also known as Bowfin caviar. American Caviar: Non-sturgeon based caviar originating in the United States (for example caviar from Paddlefish, Whitefish […]

Caviar’s History

Depending on whom you ask, there seems to be some conjecture as to the origin of the term “caviar.” If you ask the Italians, “caviar” was first introduced into the English language via Italy in the 1600s. If you ask the Turks, it was derived from the Turkish word khavyar, (found in English print in […]

Types of Sturgeon and Non-sturgeon Caviar

There are a number of different caviars both sturgeon-based, and non-sturgeon based on the market, so when you shop for caviar it is important to understand the type of caviar you wish to buy. Doing some research will help you to decide on which caviar variety or type that will best complement your taste and […]

How Caviar is Rated

Not unlike a diamond, not all caviars taste and cost the same; and therefore caviar eggs are scrutinized based on a number of factors. There is a logical standard that is followed (known as grades) and caviars (both sturgeon-based and caviar substitutes) undergo a significant amount of analysis to define just how good it is. […]

What is True Caviar and how is it graded?

Every day, people around the globe enjoy Caviar, and up till now most of them don’t know exactly what caviar is, and why it is so sought after. Caviar, by definition, is fish eggs (also known as roe), but not all fish roe, however, is used to make caviar (for the most part, not all […]